Introducing Lohia Villas 190 Expandables Villas, 700m from Delhi - Moradabad Highway.

Designed by TOD Innovations Architects and enabled by Lohia Worldspace, Lohia Villas will be powered by 100% renewable energy and presents best practice in climate resilient design and construction.

The building design speaks to quality, durability and long term value. We have focused on low impact, responsibly sourced products and materials. Design features such as open walkways and a communal roof yard complete with fireplace and BBQ provide spaces that promote quality interactions and a sense of belonging.

At the very core of Lohia Villas is a strong belief that the building we choose to build and live in can drive the positive impact our cities deserve, balancing people, plant and prosperity.





190 Expandable Villas




Sunil Nayyar Consultants
Prakriti Design Studio



We design and build high performance homes that are more comfortable to live in, have cleaner, fresher air, cost less to operate and are easy to use.

In designing Lohia Villas, we have sought to find a balance between quality, durability and value. Importantly, we have focused on low impact, responsibly sourced products and materials with low embodied energy.

Lohia Villas targets an 8 out of 10 star energy rating. 

Through genuine collaboration with like-minded professionals together with experience developed on previous projects, we will implement initiatives at Lohia Villas that will enable future residents to live more sustainability, more conveniently.

The residences each have a dual east-west aspect to promote cross ventilation and solar penetration to all habitable rooms costing less to heat and cool.

01  Orientation
02  Solar Penetration
03  Cross Flow Ventilation
04  Proximity to Transport
05  Open Walkways

Lohia Villas - Lohia Worldspace Moradabad

The residences are all electric, powered by solar energy during the day and solar energy stored in the batteries during the evening. The residences are targeted to be net carbon positive in operation, reducing their environmental impact, as well as reducing energy bills for the residents. 

01  Thermal Insulation Mass
02  Window Glazing
03  External Shading
04  Ceiling Fans for Air Movement
05  Solar PV Panels
07  Embedded Energy Network
08  Rain Water Collection
09  Waste Chute / Separate Recycling
10  Bike Parking
11  Low VOC Material Selection
12  Urban Greenery 

Lohia Villas - Lohia Worldspace Moradabad

Aluminium tilt and turn high performance windows and doors will be installed in each residence to enhance thermal insulation and provide effective cross ventilation cooling. 

Lohia Villas - Lohia Worldspace Moradabad

Lohia Villas has been designed for maximum thermal performance, with high levels of structural and internal insulation to ensure high levels of thermal and acoustic comfort inside.

Lohia Villas - Lohia Worldspace Moradabad

Lohia Villas will be fitted by 20kWh of solar panels on the roof. The ground floor retail will use the large majority of energy during the day, the energy saved will be shared accordingly across apartments. 

Lohia Villas - Lohia Worldspace Moradabad

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