The Designco represents how we can use what we have more efficiently and add positively to the character of our suburbs for future generations. This project has been delivered in accordance with the principles of the deliberative development model known as Collaborative Development by Lohia Worldspace. The model allows for collaborators to come together and utilise the multi-disciplinary expertise of Lohia Worldspace and our close friends to create better quality, more sustainable and more financially accessible modern style offices in inner urban locations where property prices are increasingly forcing people out of the market.

The spaces are all electric, powered by solar energy during the day and solar energy stored in the batteries during the evening. The offices are targeted to be net carbon positive in operation, reducing their environmental impact, as well as reducing energy bills. We have targeted a minimum environmental rating and fossil fuel free 100% electric green power.




Office Space






The Designco is a case study on sustainable density, transforming one post war suburban dwelling into three fossil fuel free, 100% electric offices for the next generation.

Solar panels, battery technology, electric heat pumps for hot water and hydronic heating contribute to achieve 8+ out of 10 star NatHERS rating.

The spaces have a dual North-South aspect to promote cross ventilation and solar penetration to all habitable area costing less to heat and cool.

The spaces champion passive design principles. The design orientated each office to open out to the north, ensuring optimal solar penetration to warm the office in winter, with external automated block out blinds to all north and west facing windows with cross ventilation and ceiling fans in place to cool the offices in summer.

The Designco uses the Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) construction system to test a more efficient, alternative construction method. SIPs panels are a prefabricated, load bearing structural system that is flexible and quick to install. The panels present a number of benefits to create an energy efficient building envelopment, providing insulation that achieves an airtight building envelop and reduces heat loss and thermal bridging.

Binq tilt and turn high performance windows and doors are installed in each offices to enhance thermal insulation and provide effective cross ventilation cooling.


We partnered with high performance battery technology that harnesses the power generated onsite by the rooftop solar panels, storing the energy ready for when offices need it in the evening.

We invested in Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) active systems, This technology combined system electric heat pumps for hot water and hydronic heating.

Caroma Smart Command technology is installed to monitor water usage via an app, with its leak detection system able to identity leaks early and prevent damage. Rainwater collection tanks are also installed in each offices to reduce the amount of water the spaces draw from our water reserves.

The offices are constructed where possible with locally sourced, natural materials ensuring durability for low environmental impact and enduring long-term performance including recycled bricks and native hard wood timber cladding and veneer.

The front yard of the Designco remains in shared ownership in order for the collaborators to best share in the value of the street frontage. The front yard also provides a shared space for the offices to come together and interact with each other and with the broader community.

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