Designco wanted a head office that spoke to its focus as an organisation – Healthy Parks, Healthy People. The location alongside city created opportunities to connect the building to the natural environment. Use of raw, natural and innovative materials, fresh air, daylight and high resource efficiency were considered vital.




Sustainability Integration


Moradabad, India






Designco's 40 Acres of land helps sustain our environment, delivering biodiversity, health, liveability and economic benefits.Lohia Worldspace Sustainability worked with certfied LEED Teams & to create a healthy, productive and beautiful office for Designco.

By being involved in the project from the early stages, we drove the integration of key sustainability objectives:

  • Passive design to maintain year-round comfortable internal temperatures
  • Use of healthy materials such as paints
  • Lower running costs through use of efficient fixtures and fittings
  • ‘Zero Net Energy’ target, meaning that the building produces as much energy as it consumes
  • Minimise consumption of natural resources and impacts through all stages

The building is expected to save over Millions on annual utility costs, reduce annual carbon emissions and save over litres of potable water through rainwater capture and storage. Above all, the building is expected to be a healthy environment to work in.


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